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About Us

The story of Macaloy Products Inc. (MPI) is an amazing and crazy tale. Macaloy was started many, many years ago by Clyde McCullum.  He created the company to help with the expense for his children’s education.  The products were sold and used to pay for field trips, school sports and educational expenses.  His children grew up and the company was no longer needed.  Clyde wanted to ensure the company went to someone he knew and trusted.

He sold the company to Roy Bowling in 1986.  Roy originally didn't want the company.  He was already working hard with another business he created and wasn't able to begin another company.  But, Clyde insisted that Macaloy Products needed to go to Roy. So Roy bought the company and it was put on hold.

Over the years Roy made Labor Saving Devices Inc., a wonderful and productive company, yet it didn’t keep him busy enough. Not because he wasn't busy it's just that Roy could work 24 hours a day if he didn't have to sleep every now and then. He kept thinking about Macaloy Products and eventually in his spare time Roy started researching the chemicals used in the products. 

Roy wanted products that really worked and didn’t harm the environment or the body. What he realized during his research was most cleaning products and health care items are not good for people, animals or the environment. What did he do?

Roy retired from Labor Saving Devices Inc. and sold the company. What will he do now that he's retired?  He enjoys being busy, he truly thrives when he is actively thinking, inventing, and moving about.  He just wasn’t ready to settle down, so, he start another company and put all that research he accomplished to work. 

Roy resurrected Macaloy Products. He wanted to produce products he could stand by and that actually worked well.  Everything made by Macaloy is biodegradable and will not harm the environment, people or animals. Roy had no more worries about the effects of chemicals on his body and the world around him.


Amazingly enough, there are more benefits than originally thought.  More are found every day. 

One example; Roy’s house has a septic system.  Most cleaners, shampoos and laundry detergents are not good for these systems.

Macaloy products  are beneficial because they contain no fillers, harsh detergents or chemicals. 

Mind-blowing right! 

Check out the testimonials of folks who have tried Macaloy products.

Roy is now truly ready to retire, but what does he do with a company he worked so hard to create?  Who knew what they would do with it?

He didn't want to sell the company to just anyone, so he gave away Macaloy Products folks he believes will work hard to make it successful.

Hold on.. Let’s think about this for a minute!   Who gives a company away? Wow!

He hasn’t totally retired yet.  Roy’s still a consultant for the company and his thoughts and ideas are extremely valuable to the folks who are running it.

Macaloy would not be what it is today without Roy Bowling.

We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Who We Are

Macaloy Products Inc. (MPI) Is located in Black Hawk, Colorado, which is high in the Rocky Mountains, west of Denver.

MPI is a USA Military Veteran and Woman owned company.

We're a company that believes in the products we create. We aren't swayed by peer pressure or what's popular. 

Our products are created for mind, body, and earth.

They are created for Mind - To ease your mind that each product works for you. Body - the products created won't harm you. Earth -The products created won't harm the Earth.

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